Blast that stubborn fat to get in shape

weight loss in summer

Summer is the time when everyone wants to get back into shape to flaunt their perfect bodies in bikinis. Most of the women feel shy to wear swimsuits and bikinis in beach parties because of the unwanted flabs and fat pockets that keep hanging on from beachwear and make them ashamed.

Due to these stubborn fat pockets, most of females experience lack in self confidence and eventually they started avoiding going on get-togethers. If you are among those, who are restricted to hang out comfortably because of the excess pounds, this article is just right for you.

In this post we will discuss the best fat blasting methods and techniques that can help you get in shape and get fit into your favorite dresses.

If you already are a gym person and have spent hours in the gym working out without getting the desired results, it’s time to make some changes to your fitness program so that you can get the results that you are looking for. It is perfect time to rethink about your diet and fitness regime to get the perfectly shaped body.

Though, it is perfect time to stick with the same workouts daily, but you can revive up your metabolism and fat burning process just by making few simple changes to your overall fitness regimen.

If you want to make a difference and get faster results, you can include the intake of natural weight loss teas like Kou Tea along with your diet and workout. Following are some quick tips to help you get lean and well-shaped body.

Include Weight Trainings

If you are just spending hours in gym on simple treadmill, it’s time for you to shift your workout to some serious mode. Lifting weights is woman’s best friend when it comes to fat burning and shifting fat into muscle.

This process of muscle building will create a toned and strong body. Weight training will help you boost the overall metabolism and increase the muscle mass on your body. The higher will be the muscle mass, the more calories and fat you burn through your fitness routine.

Weight training will not only make your fat burning process faster, but will also prevent the accumulation of fat layers as you age.

As compared to running or cycling, lifting weights is far more effective in enhancing the calorie burning. Try to include weight training in your workout routine initially from 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration as per your comfort level.

Go Green

When it comes to accelerating the fat burning process, we cannot ignore the power of Green. Whether its green vegetables or green tea, both are excellent choices to get a slimmer body.

Try to include green vegetables in your diet, such as spinach, cucumbers, broccoli, celery and others. These green veggies are enriched with essential nutrients that have natural fat cutter ingredients.

The intake of these veggies will make you full for longer and you will feel more active and energetic than usual. The green veggies are extremely low in calories and can be an excellent food if you are on the weight loss regimen.

At the same time, Green tea is also rich in flavonoids that help you speeding up your fat metabolism. According to researches, drinking four to five cups of green tea can tremendously help in losing weight and inches around the waist.

Also, the intake of green tea also helps in the regulation of glucose, making it easier to combat against sugar cravings.

To get the maximum benefits, you can also use Kou Tea in your dietary routine, which is a mixture of different natural teas and is an outstanding choice to lose your weight in the most natural way.

green tea for weight loss

Don’t miss your post-workout snacks

While working out is important to keep your body active, taking a post-workout snack is also important to help your body recover. When you eat a healthy snack after working out hard, it can actually produce different positive effects on your body’s metabolism.

While exercising, the insulin sensitive is temporarily increased in your body, which actually helps you burn fat as energy. However, if you eat fewer carbohydrates after exercise, you may be able to boost the insulin sensitivity to further extent.

As a post-workout snack, try to eat a high quality protein enriched snack with a little slow-releasing carbohydrate. Some of the ideas for your post-workout snacks are cottage cheese, an oat pancake, or eggs along with vegetables.

Make sure never missing your post-workout treat, as it would not only satisfy  your hunger pangs, but will also help your body to recover from the intensive workout sessions.

Drink teas for weight loss

Whether you are maintaining weight or want to lose weight, drinking teas can make the journey easier for you. The black, white and green teas have been known as heroes in the weight loss industry from past many years.

These natural teas are enriched with naturally slimming substances that works miraculously in cutting down extra fat from your body and nothing could be much better than losing weight while sipping the hot cup of tea.

The extract present in these teas effectively inhibits generation of new human fat cells and stimulates fat mobility from mature cells.

White Tea and Green Tea may accelerate your weight loss regimen in several different ways; including increase in thermogenesis, boost in calorie burning, increase in fat oxidation, increase in fat burning, reduction in fat absorption, and even reduction in appetite. Best Weight Loss Pills for Women

At the same time, Black tea is also known as a wonderful way to significantly inhibit weight gain and reducing inches from overall body.

If you really want to make difference in your body with teas, the best way is to try Kou Tea which is an exquisite blend of all these natural teas and can help greatly in losing weight in the natural way.

Along with losing weight, the natural teas will offer many other health benefits to your body that you may experience as you age.

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