How to Prepare Design for T-Shirt Printing

Making t shirt design is a difficult thing to do, however preparing the design for t-shirt printing is another challenge to be done. That is because when you want to print the design you have made, there are some things that need to be done. To make you free from all of the problem ahead, here are some things that you need to do when preparing your design to be print in a customized t shirt.

Tips to prepare t-shirt printing design so you can free from future trouble

  1. Using PMS color mode

Most people when design your own t shirt they will use RGB or even CMYK as their color mode since it is the one of the default settings in design program. However sometimes those colors cannot be print in the exact color since the printing program is using different color mode. Or you can also choose wrong color if your screen have not been calibrate. That is why try to use PMS color mode since it will match the exact color that the printing program use. That way the color will be easily separate and the t shirt maker will be able to accurately print your design.

  1. Convert text

If you have text in your design, then try to convert them into an actual outline instead of having them in text. Sometimes when you use unique font that the printing program does not support, then the font will be convert into other fort which will totally change your t shirt design online. To prevent that thing from happening, then it is better to convert the text into outline thus the printing program will read it as image instead of as text.

  1. Use actual size

Another problem that you might have with the tshirt maker is the sizing. Sometimes they do not print the design in the size that you want. To defend yourself it is better to use actual size when creating the design. That way it will be print in the correct size according to the design that you have made. If you do not know the actual size, just take a ruler and measure your old tshirt printing.

  1. Use vector

Professional t shirt design maker will use vector design when making their t shirt since it is easier to separate the color and making the printing details cleaner. That is why you should also follow this when making your own design.

  1. Expanding stroke

For t shirt creator, expanding stroke is important so it is easier to separate the color. That way the end result of the print will be more accurate especially after you have use PMS color mode.

  1. Half tone of PMS

Using half tone will save more money when printing since it uses less color. However to make t shirt printing more accurate, it is better to create half tone of PMS color.

Those are the things you need to do when creating design for t-shirt printing so you would face fewer problems in the future.


Description: To make you free from all of the problem ahead, there are some things that you need to do when preparingdesign for t-shirt printing, learn more here.


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