Overload Safety Plug

Most appliances on the market today are manufactured with overload safety protection on to the product. However, the design trend for appliances is pursuing better appearance, smaller in dimension, and compatibility. Due to the designing trend, engineers might have problems with lack of interior space. Our overload safety plug can be an easy solution for the problem.

※Product Advantages:

  • No internal space required from product.
  • Reusable. Replacing fuse wire
  • Dimension is the same as standard plug
  • Comes with standard plug function and overload off function.
  • Compatible to home appliances and power tools
   Specification: 3AMP-15AMP  
  Input Voltage: 125VAC/ 250VAC/ 50VDC 50-60HZ  
  Safety Off: 125VACX1000A, 250VACX200A Environment Temp.(25℃)
  Endurance: 1500VAC/min, IGR≦0.5mA Rated Current 100%:Normal
  Overload Recovery: OL0 250VAC OL1 250VAC Rated Current 150%:Off Within 1hour
  Insulation: 500VDC 5s", Insulation resistance≧100MΩ Rated Current 200%:Off within 5-35 seconds
  Recovery Method: Manual  
※Temperature Coefficient    
  Temp. Compensation  
  -5℃ (3A-4A)×1.2,(5A-15A)×1.12  
  +40℃ (3A-4A)×0.92,(5A-15A)×0.94  


  • 1. Taiwan:M390593
  • 2. China:ZL0206856,4
  • 3. U.S.A:7,928,825 B2